Competition Racing - Hi Voltage Karts. Have you got what it takes?

Competition Racing

Competition racing at Hi Voltage brings the keenest competitors together to slug it out on the track!

At Hi Voltage Karts we run League Racing series in the first half of the year, followed by our Challenge Series in the latter half.  Check out our League Racing and Challenge Series pages for more information.

A unique event that we run at Hi Voltage Karts is Team Endurance.  We run this event a few times a year.  See our Team Endurance page for more details.

Each month at Hi Voltage Karts we invite our fastest new racers back for our Rookie Cup.

Hi Voltage Karts understands that driver education is crucial to safe driving on the road.  A number of times each year we run our Karting Academy to educate kids on how to control the kart and introduce racing techniques to help them improve their lap times.

Competition racing