Karting Academy - HiVoltage Karts

Where Legends are Made

At Hi Voltage Karts, we are the front runners in providing young children and teenagers with the opportunity to learn racing in a safe and friendly environment. Our state of the art indoor track is matched with expert mentors, providing a hands on approach to learning.

Mini Legends and Storm Racers leave our three-day training program with:

  • First-hand experience in safe driving within a controlled environment
  • Higher spatial awareness
  • The ability to think both critically and collaboratively with fellow racers
  • Increased level of communication, producing confident and involved learners

By providing young drivers with the opportunity to race in a controlled environment and the platform of implementing theory and practical driving experience, participants are provided with the key components to be better future drivers. Go Karts are not a substitute for driving on our roads but are key to building skills essential for life.  By teaching our kids driver safety and awareness, we can work together to help reduce road tolls and make Victorian roads, the safest in Australia.

Our Karting Academy is conducted through the Victorian school holidays:


Training program is run over three days.  Please select one from the following dates:

Week One:  25th, 26th and 27th September

Week Two: 2nd, 3rd and 4th October

Both programs will commence at 9am sharp and conclude at 11am each day.


Mini Legends: $175 per child (minimum of 8 years of age and 125cm)

Storm Racers: $195 per person (minimum height of 150cm)

If your child or teen has raced at Hi Voltage before, please speak with a Hi Voltage team member to discuss suitability for Mini Legends or Storm Karts. Costs include: Small groups, minimum of three races on the track each day, Legends Licence and use of Hi Voltage Helmets, head sock and certificate presentation.

For registrations or enquiries, please contact a Hi Voltage Team Member on 1300 448 658.