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Hi Voltage Karts Indoor Raceway

Our ELECTRIC ‘Storm Kart’ series is the new and improved alternative to petrol karts, featuring a clean, comfortable and modern design with a 48V AC electric motor producing up to 8kW, while delivering maximum torque for superior acceleration out of tight corners.

Why electric?

  • Better performance
  • Awesome sound
  • No smelly fumes
  • Advanced electronic tuning, allowing us to maintain the most-consistent fleet of karts in Australia
  • Hi Voltage Go Karts can be adjusted to suit driver capability and be turned off remotely in the event of an emergency

* Storm Kart height requirements: 150cm tall



Hi Voltage Karts Indoor Raceway


Hi Voltage Karts Indoor Raceway

Hi Voltage has a fleet of Junior Karts designed to develop critical driving skills with adjustable speed depending on the child’s skill level.

Kids aged eight and over (minimum height 125cm) can experience the rush of kart racing and learn to drive in a safe environment.

Race with friends and family or plan your next birthday party or school holiday activity.

  • 24V 4KW AC Electric Motor
  • Remote speed control up to 40 km/h
  • Reverse gear
  • Minimum age is 8 years old
  • Minimum height is 125cm




Hi Voltage Karts Indoor Raceway


Conventional PETROL Karts

Hi Voltage Storm ELECTRIC Karts


Good for the environment… enough said!



No petrol, gas or oil residue, so you don’t reek afterwards



Up to 0-80km per hour

10+ Secs

5 Secs


It’s not all about top speed… find the quickest way around the track




The faster you drive the better the sound

Like a Lawn Mower

Like an F1 Car


Not Speed Limited


4 Speed + Stop


Rear axle differential to improve cornering feel and acceleration



Dual Disc Brakes & Motor Braking