League racing lightning series at Hi Voltage Karts. Test your skill.

League racing lightning seriesLeague racing lightning seriesHi Voltage Karts presents League Racing 2017 – Lightning Series

Six Rounds and One Race of Champions!


Lightning series is complete.  Please go to our League Racing page to get your racing fix.

It’s time to register for what will be the hottest karting league in Melbourne!

Will 2016 Race of Champions, CH3NZO, get back to back trophies?

As with all Leagues, there are rules – so make sure you check them out under our Terms and Conditions!

If you have any questions, you can call the track on 1300 448 658 and our League Racing Team will be able to help!


League Racing on our state of the art indoor track, amps up the racing with karts  with superior acceleration. And being four karts wide, there’s plenty of room for overtaking.

 Competition heats up as divisions meet during each round. Loads of fun and super quick racing!

Division Structure of our leagues is unique to Hi Voltage Karts where divisions will be set based on BEST lap times from the grading event.

Racers who have competed in at least 3 rounds of previous Hi Voltage Karts Leagues Series ARE NOT REQUIRED to complete grading for the Lightning Series.

Divisions will be limited to eight drivers and categorised from one through to the end division with the first being the highest and fastest racers.

Each League night will have multiple divisions.  For example: Monday Division 1 will be made up of the fastest eight people who nominate for the Monday Series, while Tuesday Division 1 will be made up of the fastest eight racers who nominate for the Tuesday Series and so forth.

  • Changing divisions through the series will not be permitted

Round 1 – Qual, Race, Race

Round 2 – Lightning Round, Qual, Race, Race

Round 3 – Qual, Race, Race

Round 4 – Lightning Round, Qual, Race, Race

Round 5 – Qual, Race, Race

Round 6 – Lightning Round, Qual, Race, Race

Racers best 5 rounds will count towards the series result (ie. worst round dropped).

Sweepstake – Every entrant draws a kart number on arrival. If that kart number sets the fastest lap of the night they win a prize.

League racing lightning series
Grading will be held the week of the 9th to 15th of January.  Registrations must be received by 15th of January to qualify for Round 1 of the Lightning Series.  Speak to the Hi Voltage Team to organise your grading time.
* Racers that have completed 3 or more rounds from previous Hi Voltage Karts Leagues Series are not required to complete grading for our Lightning Series.
Compete in the first 5 rounds, then the entry fee will be deducted from your 6th round.
  • Points shall be awarded to each driver (both finishers and non-finishers) for each race in the Series based on their position as listed on the race results as follows:

League racing lightning series


  • The results for each round of the Series shall be determined by the number of points scored by each driver at that round.
  • At the conclusion of each round of the Series, Series points shall be awarded to drivers based on the results of the round of the Series. Series points shall be awarded as detailed in the table above
  • In the event of a tie at the end of any round of the Series, the final positions for that round shall be determined by comparing the results of each of the tied drivers in the final race of that round. The higher place in the round results shall be awarded to the driver with the higher position in the final race.
  • Bonus points awarded for Top 3 fastest lap time of the round (1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points & 3rd = 1 point)
  • Racers who do not start a race will receive a DNS (Did Not Start) and will receive NO (0) points
  • In the event of drawn points at the end of the series, the winner will be decided on the best podium record.
  • Penalties of 3, 5 or 10 second increments will be awarded dependent on the severity of each individual incident.

General Rules

Rules are subject to change as issues come to light. If there is a rule change users will be notified and the change announced on our Facebook page and website.

All drivers are expected to read and understand each rule. If a driver has any query about any rule he or she is expected to contact a Hi Voltage League Administrator for clarification.

Sportsmanlike behaviour is to be conducted at all times. Rules are not open to interpretation and are to be followed as they have been laid out.

Hi Voltage Karts reserves the right to exclude drivers from the series in the case of repeated unsportsmanlike behaviours and/or dangerous driving.  Series entry fee will not be refunded.

Driving penalties, points penalties and exclusions may be enforced at staff discretion.

Racers must be 150cm or taller to race the Adult Storm Karts.

Racing Rules

  • Aggressive driving, unfair and unsportsmanlike driving is forbidden.
  • All complaints against drivers will be logged and multiple offenders will be banned from the league.
  • If a driver initiates a retaliation of a race incident during or after a final position race, that driver will be dropped automatically to the final position spot in his/her group and loss of points.
  • Collisions are to be avoided at all costs.
  • Leaning, pushing or forcing karts off the track in any situation is strictly prohibited.
  • The driver ahead must not ‘brake check’ the driver behind, that is; the driver must not brake maliciously in order to force the kart behind to crash into them. The ahead driver is allowed to brake early into corners and maintain the racing line.
  • If contact does occur and the guilty driver gains place(s) as a result of the contact, the driver in question must move off the racing line, slow down and allow the innocent driver(s) to pass at the next possible point of the racetrack. If this is not carried out, then penalties apply.
  • If contact occurs and it is unclear who is at fault then racing position prior to the collision must be put in place.
  • Drivers must respect whom has the racing line when turning into and coming out of a corner. The driver which has the inside of a corner has the entrance advantage. Other drivers must respect the driving line and avoid a collision.
  • If you are being lapped do not attempt to race the passing car. Blue flag rules apply. This means you must concede track position to drivers on the lead lap within a reasonable time frame.
  • The lead driver has the right to:
  1. Defend their race position within reason – Excessive defending is prohibited.
  2. Have the right to maintain their choice of racing line into and out of a corner.
  3. Choose the position they wish to drive on a straight.
  4. Are not allowed to drastically change their line in a corner in order to prevent the kart behind from passing resulting in a collision or the kart behind having to resort to driving off the track to avoid an accident. (Not allowed to move under braking).
  5. Are allowed to make ONE tactful change of line in approaching a corner to defend their position.
  6. Drive the defensive line around the track if they so wish, forcing the driver to attack on the outside, this is acceptable race etiquette.
  • If speed one (flashing lights) in enforced, no overtaking is permitted of cars still racing.  It is ok to pass any stricken karts as long as it is safe to do so. Normal full course yellow rules apply.
  • If you wish to have a racing incident reviewed, a formal request must be submitted to staff who may review the security footage and may take action post-race.
  • Instructions from track marshals & signage must be adhered to at all times.