Reverse Track - HiVoltage Karts

It’s time to take the next challenge at Hi Voltage!

Reverse Track every Wednesday and Thursday

11am to 10pm for a limited time only!

If you have already attempted our forward track, then you will be impressed by the new set of challenges our REVERSE track has to offer!
Turn 1, the Hairpin, has caused many problems for drivers with approach speeds of around 65km/h.  In reverse, the hairpin is much easier to tame, but be careful, there is a tricky corner with multiple racing lines awaiting at the other end of the start-finish straight!
Reverse Track will commence on April 5th 2017, and operate Wednesdays and Thursdays only throughout April and May.
We’ll only be operating Reverse track for Storm Kart Arrive & Drive sessions only.  No Junior, Family or Grid race sessions will be operating in Reverse.