Rookie Cup at Hi Voltage Karts. Can you be the next champion?

Rookie Cup at Hi Voltage Kart

Rookie Cup at Hi Voltage Karts:

Each month at Hi Voltage Karts we invite the fastest 10 new racers from the previous month back in to compete in a free Supercars event. We also invite the next 90 racers back at a discounted rate to also compete in the Rookie Cup. However, the field has a cap of 30 racers. Welcome to the Rookie Cup!

We have a leader board located  at the track which is updated weekly with the current standings for all of our Rookies. Each week we post to our Facebook page the current top 10, and also the next 5, racers. If you want to beat the best Rookies, you will want to know where the competition is at.

So have you got what it takes to compete in the Hi Voltage Karts Rookie Cup?

How does the Rookie Cup work?

Rookie Cup at Hi Voltage Karts August 2017 top 3 finishers

The Supercars event starts with a 12 lap practice session.  This allows you to reacquaint yourself with the track and karts.

Following this, there is a 14 lap qualifying session.  The objective of this round is to get the fastest time you can to push you forward on the grid.  It is always harder to win the race from the back of the grid!

The final round is a 16 lap grid race.  No more Mr Nice Guy!  Defend your position and try to get past the kart in front, all at the same time!  Push hard and don’t lose focus until the chequered flag drops.

Some terms and conditions:

  • Rookie Cup is open to new racers to Hi Voltage in the month of entry.
  • Hi Voltage reserves the right to decide if someone is invited or not. Unsafe or unruly behaviour may invalidate your entry.
  • You can race as many times as you want during the month. The current record for someone in their rookie month is 20 races (Smithy).
  • Medals and prizes are awarded to the first 3 finishers.